Maryland Nursing Home Ratings

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Over 50% more Maryland nursing homes received one star under Medicare’s new rating system than those who receive five stars, the highest ranking possible.

The new nursing home rating system is designed to provide information about the overall quality of care provided at facilities throughout the United States, as well as individual rankings for staffing, quality and health inspections.

Maryland Nursing Home RankingsThe ratings are based on complaint investigations and inspection records from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which inspect and evaluate nursing homes nationwide that receive government benefits. The rankings include information about nursing home staffing levels, nursing home bedsores and other preventable injuries.

Out of the 230 Maryland nursing homes, 47 (20%) were given 1 Star and only 30 (13%) received 5 Stars.

When compared to the nursing home rankings from all states, the quality of care at Maryland nursing homes fell in line with the national averages. Approximately 23% of all nursing homes in the United States received 1 Star, with Louisiana nursing homes accounting for the highest percentage of one-star facilities (39%).

Delaware nursing homes were found to have the highest percentage of top performing facilities, with 29% of their 45 homes receiving 5 Stars.

The complete list of the nursing home rankins are available through the Medicare website at, allowing families to search by state, city, zip code or the name of the nursing home.

Providing this additional information will hopefully allow families to better evaluate the quality of care at Maryland nursing homes they are considering for their loved ones.

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Maryland Car Crash Fractures More Likely with Overweight Kids

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According to the results of a new study published in the journal Injury Prevention, researchers have found that overweight children are more likely to sustain car crash fractures of their arm or leg than thinner children.

The study was based on data involving 3232 children between the ages of 9 and 15 who were involved in a car crash. About one third of the children were overweight or obese, and 15% of the children sustained a moderate to severe injury in the car crash examined.

Thinner children were found to have suffered comparatively more injuries involving the pelvis, thigh bone and collar bone, the researchers noted, attributing this to the fact that heavier children have more shock-absorbing fat in those areas.

fracture-cast-225x190In contrast, heavy children in auto accidents were found to be at least two and a half times more likely to sustain fractured arms and legs. The researchers indicated that there was evidence to suggest that the bones of overweight children may be more vulnerable to fractures.

Our Maryland car crash lawyers have found that in minor collisions, children are generally pretty resilient and tend to recover quickly. However, this research provides interesting data for those Maryland car accidents where fractures and other serious injuries do result.

To reduce the risk of serious injury in a car crash, Maryland parents should always make that their children are appropriately restrained for their age and size. In addition, for children under 13, the researchers recommend that they always ride in the back seat.