Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Maryland Malpractice Attorneys
If you suspect that an injury was caused by
a medical mistake, request a consultation
with a Maryland malpractice attorney.

Thousands of preventable medical mistakes occur every year throughout Maryland. When a doctor, hospital or nurse fail to follow the proper standards of medical care, the patient can suffer a devastating and life threatening injury.

While every medical mistake does not result in a Maryland medical malpractice lawsuit, if you suspect that a serious injury or death was caused by a mistake or error, you can determine if you or your family may be entitled to compensation by requesting a free consultation with a Maryland medical malpractice lawyer.

Potential claims for medical malpractice are investigated and reviewed by our Baltimore malpractice law firm throughout the United States.

Investigation of a Maryland Malpractice Lawsuit

Our Maryland malpractice attorneys can help review the circumstances surrounding the medical treatment and help determine if an injury or death could have been prevented with the exercise of the appropriate care.

Maryland Malpractice Attorneys
Our experienced Maryland medical
malpractice lawyers can help determine if an
injury or death could have been prevented.

Maryland law requires that every claim be settled or filed in court by a certain deadline, known as a statute of limitations.

The Maryland malpractice statute of limitations requires that any action arising out of medical care be brought within three years from the date the injury was discovered, but no more than five years from the time the injury was committed. However, if the injury was suffered by a minor, they may have additional time to bring a claim depending on the when the injury occurred and the type of injury.

All cases investigated and reviewed by the attorneys at our Baltimore law firm are pursued with no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained.