Maryland Workers Compensation Benefits

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The Maryland Workers Compensation system has its roots in laws passed by the state legislature in 1914. The purpose is to protect injured workers and make sure that they obtain payment for medical bills, lost wages and disabilities caused on the job.

Unfortunately, many employers and their insurance companies will not treat you fairly unless they are forced to. They may deny claims, delay payment of benefits without justification, stop wage benefits without justification or refuse to pay for medical treatment which an injured worker needs.

When you have a Maryland workers compensation lawyer on your side with a thorough understanding of the benefits that are available under the law, you are able to take control of your claim and make sure you receive everything you are entitled to.

Medical Expenses

An injured worker is entitled to receive payment of all reasonable and necessary medical expenses. They can choose their own doctor and receive all of the treatment that they need, which often includes consultation with a specialist.

Once a claim is established, they are entitled to lifetime medical benefits for payment of all treatments and medical services which are necessary, regardless of where they are working in the future.

Lost Wage Checks

The most immediate concern for many injured workers is their lost earnings. After three days have been missed from work, a Maryland worker is entitled to continuing payment of lost wages until a doctor release them to return to their job. These benefits are referred to as temporary total disability or temporary partial disability.

In many cases, the insurance company and their doctors will attempt to tell the claimant to return to work before they are able to do so. Therefore, it is important to find a doctor who considers your interests, not the insurance company’s.

Vocational Rehabilitation (Job Retraining)

Once an injured worker has reached the maximum level of medical improvement, if they remain unable to perform the same work they previously could, vocational rehabilitation benefits or job retraining may be available under Maryland law.

Your Maryland workers compensation attorney can help arrange an assessment to determine what job skills you have and what job skills you may need to learn. Job counseling and placement may also be a part of this program.

As an injured worker in Maryland, you are entitled to continuing payment of lost wage benefits during the period of voc rehab. The employer and insurance company have an obligation to return you to suitable and gainful employment which provides similar income to what you had before your job injury.

Permanent Total Disability

If a Maryland worker is unable to return to any kind of employment after an injury, they may be entitled to receive permanent total disability benefits. These benefits could be payable for life, unless the condition improves to the point that the worker is no longer totally disabled.

Permanent total disability is available for those whose injuries are so severe that they can no longer perform any duties or services which would allow them to return to work.

Permanent Partial Disability

In most cases, an injured work is able to recover to the point that they can return to work. However, they could be left with continuing problems or residual disability as a result of the work injury. These Maryland workers may be entitled to receive permanent partial disability benefits, which provide financial compensation based on the extent of the disability.

After you have recovered as much as you are going to from an injury, it is important to obtain a proper disability rating from the treating physician or a qualified independent physician. Many unrepresented workers make the mistake of relying on the insurance company or employer’s doctor to provide a rating. This can result in loss of substantial compensation which may otherwise be available.

Future Benefits for Worsening of Condition

If the injured worker properly protects their right to future benefits and does not enter a full and final settlement, they may be able to reopen their claim in the future for additional compensation if there is medical evidence of a worsening of their condition. Unlike the right to lifetime medical benefits, a claim for worsening of condition must be made within five years from the last payment of compensation.

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