Maryland Workers Compensation Lawyers

Our Maryland workers compensation attorneys
will make sure you get all of the benefits you
deserve and put you in control of your claim.

The Maryland Workers Compensation system has its roots in laws passed by the state legislature in 1914. The purpose is to protect injured workers and make sure that they obtain payment for medical bills, lost wages and disabilities caused on the job.

Unfortunately, most workers who are injured on the job in Maryland are unaware of all of the benefits they are entitled, and do not know what needs to be done to protect their rights.

Without an experienced Maryland workers compensation attorney on their side, an injured worker could be at a distinct disadvantage when dealing directly with the workers comp insurance company and their adjusters. Contact our law firm to make sure your obtain all of the workers compensation benefits you and your family deserve.

Understand the Injured Worker Benefits Available Under Maryland Law

Many employers and their insurance companies will not treat you fair unless they are forced to. They may deny claims and delay payment of benefits without proper justification, and it is not uncommon for adjuster to stop payment of wage benefits or deny medical treatment which an injured worker needs.

Without a Maryland work injury lawyer on
your side, your family may not receive all the
benefits and compensation you deserve.

When you contact our law firm, a Maryland workers compensation attorney will help:

  • Establish that your on-the-job injury qualifies for Maryland workers compensation benefits
  • Protect your right to receive lifetime medical benefits
  • Make sure you receive weekly payments you may be entitled to while you are unable to work
  • Secure job retraining if you can not return the work you did before your injury
  • Obtain financial compensation for any permanent disability you have suffered while on the job

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Maryland Workers Compensation Law FAQ

When an insurance company denies benefits which our clients are entitled to, our Maryland work injury attorneys take prompt action to arrange a hearing before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Medical documentation and evidence will be presented at a hearing to justify the need for the treatment or continuing lost wages.

Have a Maryland Workers Compensation Lawyer on Your Side

Dealing with adjusters from IWIF (Injured Workers Insurance Fund) or one of the other Maryland workers compensation insurance carriers can be frustrating and time consuming. The adjuster may try to encourage you not to hire an Maryland injury attorney, because they know that if you not represented, they call all the shots.

Take control of your claim and make sure you get everything you deserve by contacting our Workers Compensation Law Firm. An attorney will review the circumstances surrounding your job injury in detail and make sure your rights are protected.

All workers compensation claims are handled by our Baltimore injury law firm on a contingency fee basis, which means that there are no fees or expenses unless a recovery is obtained.

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