Maryland Construction Injuries and Deaths Cost State Economy $712.8M Between 2008 and 2010

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Workplace injuries and deaths at construction sites cost Maryland nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars between 2008 and 2010, according to a recent report by the consumer watchdog Public Citizen, which concluded that the state would save substantial money if they emphasized the importance of worker safety, by restricting contracts to companies with strong safety records.  Read more

Maryland Bus Accidents and Truck Accidents May Be Reduced by Phone Ban for Commercial Drivers

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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is calling for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and other handheld devices by commercial drivers. Such regulations could help reduce the number of serious injuries sustained from truck accidents or bus accidents in Maryland and throughout the United States. Read more

Car Crash Risk Increases With Even One Glass of Alcohol According to Recent Research

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Even one glass of beer raises your chances of being seriously injured in a car crash accident by more than a third, according to a new study. Read more

Car Accident Litigation is a Driving Force in Auto Safety Improvements

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The number of traffic accident deaths have dropped to their lowest level in more than 50 years, despite increased use of automobiles. Car accident litigation should be recognized as one of the important factors in making cars in America safer, and consumers should fight attempts to curtail their right to pursue lawsuits over unsafe motor vehicles or other products. Read more

Work Injury Rates Among Older Americans Rising

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According to newly released government data, on-the-job accidents and work injuries are on the rise among older workers. Read more

Chronic Pain After a Car Accident Injury

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During a typical car accident, the human body is moved suddenly inside the vehicle, which commonly results in soft-tissue injuries from damage to the muscles, ligaments or tendons of the body. In most cases, after physical therapy or other car accident injury treatment, individuals are able to make a full recovery. However, in some cases chronic pain from a car accident injury may continue to impact a person for the rest of their life. Read more

Maryland Accident Claims May Be Impacted by Posts to Twitter, Facebook and Other Social Media

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With the rise in social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, individuals are sharing more and more information publicly on-line. As a Maryland accident lawyer who represents individuals who are pursuing a legal action, there are real concerns that information posted on public forums could be twisted or used against clients later. Read more

Maryland Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyers: Prevention Tips

January 25, 2011 by  
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During the winter season, there is a substantially increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, there are a number of steps that can help reduce the risk of serious or potentially fatal injury from this toxic, odorless and colorless gas. Read more

Maryland Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Urge Caution As It Gets Dark Earlier

November 29, 2010 by  
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Earlier this month we all turned our clocks back, as daylight savings came to an end. Unfortunately, this means that it is getting darker earlier and people need to exercise extra caution when walking or running to avoid a potential pedestrian accident, which result in over 4,000 deaths a year nationwide. Read more

Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics

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A recent study has found a strange disparity in statistics regarding fatalities in motorcycle accidents, reinforcing the importance of safe riding. Read more

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